CAHSAH Committee Information

CAHSAH Committee Positions Now Available

This is an opportunity to become involved in helping to shape CAHSAH's priorities and activities. Committee members serve for two-year terms.

Provider Committee positions are available for the following committees:
Education & Conference Planning
Home Care Aide
Licensed Home Health
Medicare Certified
Policy, Advocacy & Public Affairs

Affiliate Committee positions are available for the following committees:
Policy, Advocacy & Public Affairs

To apply for a position, complete the CAHSAH Committee Application and email to

Why Serve on a CAHSAH Committee?

Committees play a major role in determining CAHSAH's activities, and in planning, supporting and fulfilling CAHSAH's goals. Committees facilitate members' participation in CAHSAH activities, and serve as a training ground for future leadership.

Selection of Committee Members and Committee Chairperson

Each fall, the CAHSAH Board of Directors appoints a chairperson for each committee. A Board liaison is assigned to any committee chaired by a person not on the Board.

At the same time, CAHSAH polls the membership for their interest in serving on a CAHSAH committee. CAHSAH staff compiles the application forms, and forwards a proposed roster to each committee chair for approval. CAHSAH makes every effort to place all applicants on a committee; however, committee seats are limited in number and not all applicants can always be appointed.

Committee members are selected based on their qualifications and experience, as well as interest. All members serve 2-year terms. The names of any individuals who were not placed on a committee are kept on file should vacancies arise during the year.

Role and Responsibilities of Committee Chairperson

The committee chairperson, in conjunction with CAHSAH staff, schedules regular committee meetings or conference calls. The committee chairperson is responsible for conducting committee meetings, so as to ensure participation from committee members, and the completion of the annual workplan.

The committee chairperson (or Board liaison) is also responsible for reporting on committee activities to the Board, presenting issues to the Board which require Board action, and reporting on Board decisions to the committee.

At the beginning of the new committee year, the committee chairperson, along with committee members and staff, determines the committee's workplan for the coming year.

Role and Responsibilities of Committee Members

Committee members are expected to attend committee meetings, to participate in committee discussions and activities, and to pay their own expenses incurred in relation to committee participation.

Committee members who are unable to attend a particular meeting are expected to RSVP to the CAHSAH staff in a timely manner.

Committee members who only attend less than half of the committee meetings in a year will most likely not be invited to serve on the committee the following term.

Role and Responsibilities of Staff

The staff liaison is responsible for coordinating the logistics of committee meetings, for attending all committee meetings and taking minutes, and for distributing minutes and agendas at least two weeks in advance of committee meetings.

Staff will also provide support to the committee as appropriate, such as researching background issues, collecting data, providing clerical support, preparing written documents requested by the committee, or summarizing committee activities for the CAHSAH bulletin.

Membership Section Steering Committees

These committees are responsible for determining the needs and priorities of CAHSAH's membership sections, as well as developing and implementing the section's workplan for the year. The membership sections are:

  • Home Care Aide
  • Hospice
  • Licensed Home Health
  • Medicare Certified
  • Home Infusion Pharmacy / Home Medical Equipment

Standing Committees

These committees assess overall CAHSAH membership needs within a particular area of responsibility. They also develop and implement a committee workplan for the year, as follows:

  • Education & Conference Planning - Identifies educational needs of members, develops training programs or other educational programs to meet those needs, including the Annual Conference and Home Care Expo, which provides technical information to help home care providers, and opportunities for members to network with colleagues. The Committee also provides guidance in the development of educational resource products.
  • Membership - Ensures appropriate representation and levels of service for all membership sections, directs the development of membership services and determines dues structure, conducts and analyzes the annual membership satisfaction survey, recruits and selects RN scholarship recipients, and serves as administrator of all endorsed programs.
  • Medi-Cal - Promotes appropriate reimbursement for Medi-Cal home health care, assures favorable initiation and interpretation of Medi-Cal home health agency regulations at both state and field office levels, and promotes positive working relationships with the Department of Health Services (DHS) and Electronic Data Systems, Inc. (EDS).
  • Policy, Advocacy & Public Affairs - Sets state and federal policy objectives and priorities (with members acting as liaisons or local legislative committee chairs for their Regional Councils), reviews proposed legislation affecting home care, recommends positions to the Board, mobilizes the grassroots network, establishes working relations with key and state and federal legislators, and participates in Political Action Committee (PAC) activities, including fundraising. Promotes a positive image of home care and CAHSAH, assists members and other committees in securing media coverage.