Advocacy Upgrades Headed Your Way


CAHSAH is excited to announce that we will be introducing our members to a new and highly expanded advocacy software platform – Quorum! This specially designed advocacy and legislative tracking software enhances our advocacy by putting our members in touch with an array of sophisticated tools to quickly and efficiently send customized messages to your legislators Quorum provides real-time alerts of legislation, regulations, committee hearings, social media conversations, and more all in one place. 

Through this unique software platform we will be able to identify legislative champions for priority issues and track our advocacy progressYou will have much more control and ease whenever you want to check the status of legislation, see how your legislator voted and thank them for being a champion of our industry’s important issues. 

In the coming months, you will receive alerts which will explain how you can access Quorum and start your path to direct advocacy. We encourage you to engage with our members who have been advocating many years and have participated in multiple CAHSAH Annual Lobby Day events.  Together CAHSAH will be able to build an even stronger team of advocates with Quorum and your message will be quickly relayed to your specific legislators.